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Promotional, Commercial, Social Media or Docu-Style. At the heart of each of my videos is a simple narrative, a concept or a storyline. I work closely with my clients to create fun interesting videos to promote their business or product. Idea first. Format Second.

Extreme Brewing - The Real GUINNESS BREWERY TOUR // Get Er Brewed
Get Er Brewed - Home Brew & Craft Beer

Extreme Brewing - The Real GUINNESS BREWERY TOUR // Get Er Brewed

#guinness #brewerytour #howtobrewstout The real Guinness brewery tour of the 60-acre site based in Dublin City Centre. An official behind-the-scenes tour of the brewhouses used through history by Guinness. A look inside the roast house where they roast all of their own roast barley and finish off with a chat with one of the Open Gate brewery brewers. If you want to create a Guinness Clone Recipe, you'll love this. You can create your Guinness Recipe using our Custom Grain Kit service. An incredible operation to see the scale at which Guinness is produced, guided through the tour with Padraig Fox Global Brand Ambassador. Excited to hear your feedback on this brewery tour. If you want to read more checkout the blog article on the Guinness Clone Recipe: For the HOME BREWERS, we have a huge selection of the best ingredients and brewing equipment for all levels, from Extract to All Grain Brewing, available on our website with Express Worldwide shipping: For the MICRO BREWERIES, our purpose built warehouse and storage facilities ensure that you get the finest and freshest ingredients backed up by great customer care, expertise and a genuine love for brewing.
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